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Our band selection includes a wide variety of helmets, hats, caps, plumes, marching band shakos and more for marching band uniforms.

Bayly Plumes can be purchased here: Bayly Shako Flowing Plumes Bayly Cari Cases can be purchased here: Bayly Shako Cari Cases

Bayly Hats manufactures uniform hats, caps, marching band shakos, plumes and accessories for police, military, fire, postal, airline and marching bands worldwide. We manufacture our uniform hats and caps in the USA.This ensures our product meets the high standards of our valued customers. Bayly Hats designs, tests, and crafts headwear specifically in order to provide you with years of exceptional comfort and appearance.

Six generations and over 150 years, Bayly Hats has delivered and evolved many times over. Today Bayly Hats is committed to providing the best user experience in the Uniform hats, caps and accessories business. We have brought the process of ordering, and the art of crafting a custom-made uniform cap into the digital era.

Throughout the process, you will receive e-mail updates on the status of your order. Each uniform cap is designed and cut using a digital file that produces a precise fit and uniform appearance. Our proprietary and patented components manufactured in the U.S.A. produce an exceptional uniform cap from the comfort of the Soft-Air Cushioned sweatband to the integrated Mirror Finish of our high-gloss visors. We are a small and fiercely competitive team dedicated to providing the best product and user experience available in the uniform hats, caps and accessories market. Uniform headwear is the only thing we do, and we do it well.